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About Us

Designers Trends approaches improved Home Health Design,  Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and reduced environmental impact as a subset of Green Manufacturing principles. We seek to attain aesthetic and ecological harmony between one's home environment and nature's environment. Our desire is to create furniture that is environmentally safe not only for your living environment, but for the entire life cycle of the product.

There seems to be a growing realization that what humans, as a species, build, operate and move affects the micro and macro climate of our world.

Designers Trends is an experienced team who specialize in genuine sustainable products, environmental solutions, and a wide range of products for architects and designers. Our existing business network features architects, construction companies, and designers.

We have a deep respect for innovation spirit, the passion for quality, and the sense of harmony and balance as
reflected in our products.  

One of our core beliefs lies not only in making high quality products, but building strong and long-lasting partnerships and working closely with them
as a team for a mutual success. 


Designers Trends